i need you so much ....
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u will be always in my heart . i still thinking of u . i still do.i don’t know why. all i want to see u happy. and always take care (( best forever))

. u know i like u so much . i never like someone before like i’m doing now for u. i don’t want to lost u . i will see u someday if u like me to see u .
i wish everything it will be ok .
i will be here always for u .
be my best friend …
i will be a good best friend to u ..
take care of ur self my best friend

i don’t want to fine someone to be with her in valentine day. and i don’t want to try to fine . because!..
YOU being in my life. and i feel so happy with YOU all the time . my dream is always about YOU . and the person i always miss her is YOU … and always thinking about YOU …
i want to say more and more . BUT!!
sometime the words is not enough to talk about YOU.
my heart is open just only for YOU.

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always i will ❤️❤️❤️